Because sometimes you only need the gear for an hour or two

Equipment Rental Rates

The following is a list of prices for equipment that can be rented in most industrialized urban centers around the world. Prices may vary greatly depending on local economy, supply, demand, and the quality of the equipment available for rent. Not all equipment is available in all areas. Prices are per hour in US Dollars, and include all fuel, auxillary equipment, and other consumables.

Equipment Price per Hour Notes...
Single Prop Airplane$50 +1d4 x 25Seats 4
Twin Prop Airplane$100 +1d4 x 50Seats 8
Corporate Jet$500 +1d4 x 100Seats 16
Cargo Plane$500 +1d10 x 100Reduce variable die for smaller planes
Small Helicopter$100 +1d4 x 50Seats 2
Medium Helicopter$300 +1d6 x 50Seats 6
Large Helicopter$500 +1d6 x 100Seats 8
Cargo Helicopter$500 +1d10 x 100Reduce variable die for smaller helicopters
Jet Ski$10 +1d4 x 10Seats 1-2
Motor Boat$10 +1d4 x 5Seats 4-6
Speed Boat$25 +1d6 x 10Seats 6-10

New items will be added as new ideas come to me.